About ValleY of Speed

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Valley of Speed

A Face to a name

Valley of Speed LLC is owned by Dan & Carrie Angelo of Reno, NV.

Dan Angelo is the creator of the various product designs you see here and can view in person at numerous air shows across the West Coast. Dan's the face of Valley of Speed and can usually be found among the pilots, mechanics, and fans of warbirds and air racing. The designs found on this website are derived from the time spent with these exceptional people. Off the ramp, he is booking airshows, working with customers on custom orders, and brainstorming new and exciting design ideas for Valley of Speed.


They say a man's success is determined by the woman he's lucky enough to have by his side. For Dan, that woman is Carrie Angelo. Carrie spends countless hours behind the scenes making sure everything works seamlessly with Valley of Speed, both in the booth and online. She's in charge of our business operations, including inventory, shipping, accounting, email communication, and everything in between.

Norho necks jewelry by nichole busse

Nichole owns and operates NorHo Necks while making all of the jewelry sold through Valley of Speed, along with providing various air show souvenirs and essentials. Each piece of jewelry is hand made with unique aviation charms, semi precious stones, sea glass, fossils, shells, and crystals. She specializes in aviation jewelry with an emphasis on quality, design, & attention to detail. Her aviation jewelry collection can be seen here and at numerous air shows with VOS across the West Coast.

Nichole and Valley of Speed

Nichole is also our business partner and has been with us since Valley of Speed's inception. Her vast experience in retail, vending, and customer service has directly translated to our success thus far. She plays a huge roll in business operations for Valley of Speed at the air shows with display set up, managing the booth, along with identifying customer needs and wants. Nichole's contributions have helped us expand Valley of Speed into the well rounded online and vendor business we have become today.

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